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Discover Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union features for members, including checking, savings, and certificates, auto, personal, and home loans, and more. | More Details
Innovations FCU provides checking, savings, loans, credit cards, and convenient banking services for all your personal and business needs in Bay County, FL. | More Details
TechBank is a European headquartered licensed financial institution that avails you with services including a pre-paid crypto linked virtual card, cryptocurrency exchange and peer-to-peer market place. TechBank OÜ (14440607) is licensed by, Financial Intelligence UNIT. TechBank Crypto exchange (License No: FVR000419) & crypto wallet service (License No: FRK000341) Estonia. We’re not a bank we are fully licensed to handle customer’s crypto assets and handle crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto trades. We operate from our corporate offices in Estonia. | More Details
Louii B is an over-the-counter (OTC) bitcoin exchange located in Toronto, Ontario with multiple locations through the GTA. We help you buy and sell cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum with the ease of a face-to-face transaction. Keeping your wallet and funds safe is our #1 priority so we wanted to share some of our top tips on what you can do to prevent unauthorized access to your funds. Verifying your email address allows us to keep you up to date on what's happening with your wallet. We will send you emails when unusual activity is detected, to remind you of your Wallet ID, and to send notifications of new features and updates to our platform. Two-Factor Authentication helps prevent unathorized access to your wallet by requiring a one-time password for every login attempt. You can set this up in your Security Center using Google Authenticator, Yubikey, or SMS codes. Write down your backup phrase. One of the most important steps you can take to secure your wallet is writing down your Backup Phrase. It contains all the private keys in your wallet, allowing you (or anyone who has it) to restore your wallet and access your funds. Since this is meant for your eyes only, write down your Backup Phrase and keep it somewhere safe offline. If you ever lose your password or our service is unavailable, your Backup Phrase is the only way to regain access to your funds. | More Details
Our dedicated IRS tax attorney and federal tax lawyers can help find the best possible solution for your federal and state tax situation and negotiate with the IRS and state on your behalf for IRS tax relief. Defense Tax Group offers tax debt relief assistance that can help you settle tax debt for a fraction of the amount owed. With the help of our tax relief lawyer, you can eliminate interest charges and penalties, and even remove federal tax liens. Our tax relief professionals can prevent or stop wage garnishments, provide effective tax debt solutions to property seizures, bank levies and other tax problems. The IRS is one of the most powerful entities in the country and it has an army of attorneys on its side. Effective representation with a tax attorney experienced in IRS and state tax debt is essential in order for you to defend your rights and protect your assets. With over 50 years of combined experience, Defensetax has both the broad tax law knowledge and the specific expertise in the form of IRS tax attorney required to handle your case. We have also added a new section of IRS tax forms used for taxpayers and tax-exempt organizations. It includes detailed info on most popular IRS Forms such as Form 1040, Form 2848, W-2 Form & many more. There are two types of Tax Relief Attorneys fields: attorneys that specialize in working directly with the IRS or states to assist tax payers in resolving tax issues or attorneys that work with tax payers avoiding tax issues. A Tax Relief Attorney that specializes in tax debt has many tools at their disposal to minimize the damage and consequences of a tax payer owing money to either the IRS or state. A Tax Relief Attorney that specializes in avoiding tax issues have a variety of tools at their disposal as well to assist their clients in avoiding any type of tax issues before they occur. | More Details
Atomiic only entered the marketplace last year, but has captured a significant share of the market already. The fact that it enables purchases to be made with credit card is a useful feature that’s unusual to see with crypto-swapping services. The platform enforces AML/KYC: if a transaction is marked as suspicious, the exchange is paused and the customer is asked to confirm their identity. Otherwise, Changenow doesn’t require any sort of registration. There’s no limit on the maximum amount that can be exchanged and more than 170 coins can be converted, from BTC and ETH to BCH, LTC and more niche altcoins. All transactions take under 15 minutes to complete, and a fee of 0.5% is incorporated into the exchange rate you pay. Projects who want to start working or port their token to a new blockchain can also use this opportunity as a funding mechanism. One typical way to do that is to inflate the coin/token supply of the new blockchain and set a portion of it to be given to swappers who include a Bitcoin (or any prefered cryptocurrency) contribution into their swap. For example, a project could offer a 1:1 coin swap to its users and also offer the possibility for people to add a set percentage of the total value of their coins in Bitcoin. In exchange for for the contribution, the user receives a bonus in coins from the new blockchain. The Bitcoin contribution is what constitutes the funding the team gets from the swapping process. | More Details
Get professional Tax preparation and Audit defense, so you don’t have to face the internal revenue Service alone. Our Team of licensed Enrolled agents will assist you in every step of the process. Therefore, you are not alone. So if you have back taxes, or simply filing your taxes, call us now. EXPERIENCED We at Green Tree Tax are ready to tackle all your tax problems. Whether you have a late tax return, International Tax Responsibility and simply wanting to file your Tax return Contact us. Most importantly, your estimate is free of charge, so you only pay us when we file your taxes. ETHICAL Above all, not only we guarantee your satisfaction, but we also give you a free consultation. Because we believe in our work and guarantee the accuracy of your taxes. You will receive the best possible income tax return services for the lowest prices in the market. LLC tax preparation can be challenging to begin with. Limited liability company (LLC) has a unique status given by the IRS. LLC owners reserve the right to choose how the IRS treats the business for federal tax purposes. Therefore, the IRS tax classification choices require preparation of different tax returns and bookkeeping. It depends on which option you choose in the first year of tax filing. Regardless of this consideration, however, the basic procedure for filing an LLC Tax Return can become difficult. | More Details
Trying to find bookkeeping services in Denver? If you are a small business or an individual looking bookkeeping services and tricks on bookkeeping we have some tips for you plus a recommendation, Excellent Bookkeeping Services, LLC. The team also works to reduce your overall expenses. Not only do they ensure that books are maintained properly to avoid costly mistakes, fees, and penalties, but they can also help alert you to waste and mismanagement of supplies and inventory. All while saving you time since you will no longer need to try and perform these tasks yourself. Nicole Anderson is the owner of Excellent Bookkeeping Services, LLC where we help you EXCEL your P&L. Her primary focus is providing Denver CO based small businesses with affordable bookkeeping services. She is originally from Vermont where she received her Bachelors in Accounting from Champlain College. From there, she has worked in Corporate Accounting for over 25 years for large corporations such as Janus Capital and Western Union. She has also been a real estate agent in the Metro Denver area. She loves to help small businesses and real estate agents just starting out that can't afford a full-time bookkeeper but need to track their expenses and income in a simple and streamlined way on Excel spreadsheets. Find even more information on Denver, Colorado bookkeeping firm for small businesses. I needed someone to help me put together a pricing spreadsheet, so that I could adjust my lesson pricing over the year. Nicole took my hand-calculated information and created just the spreadsheet I needed. We even looked at it together and she tweaked it for me in real-time. I could not have done this with a month of glad to have Nicole's help! Cymber Quinn, Harpist Many small businesses in early stages are primarily concerned with compliance - paying bills, getting paid, recording transactions, ensuring payroll accuracy and following state and federal regulations. At some point, your business will cross a threshold and you'll begin to place more emphasis on the need for timely, accurate financial reports and intelligence. This is when you'll need more advanced bookkeeping, accrual based accounting and management or managerial accounting to help you make data-driven decisions. | More Details
Women in cryptocurrencies are massively under-represented, yet, we’re building the future. Several women movers and shakers in the crypto space are already showing why the future of crypto is squarely on us, women. Look at the crème in cryptocurrencies; Joyce Kim advises several governments andeven the UN on matters crypto while Perriane Boring is among the top personalities in Blockchain today. The beautiful Jinglan Wang holds NASDAQ together, and Melten Demirors is excelling in the Digital Currency Group too. We can’t even mention Amber Baldet – the brain behind JP Morgan’s Blockchain Center of Excellence or Raine Revere, the sassy Blockchain engineer. It’s crystal clear. What’s stopping us from trading in crypto is our women trading mindset that we’ve been made to believe that it isn’t for us. | More Details

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