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InterSpec is a leader in tank inspections and piping inspections. We utilize the latest technologies available to meet our clients’ needs while maintaining a full staff of certified inspectors that are fundamental for quality inspections. | More Details
See this comprehensive range of fume extraction units built to the highest standards for quality and reliability. Furthermore look at the large selection of Extraction Systems and Welding Bench Extraction tables as well as portable equipment here. And Finally, removing fume from the welding environment maintains good health and is now a legal requirement by the HSE. GYS offer one of the largest ranges of welding machines, accessories and consumables for all users, from the most advanced applications in industry to general maintenance and repair uses. Welding Supplies Direct offer a huge range of Gys, all available to buy online. Welding Supplies Direct & associated company TWS Direct Ltd is an online distributor of a wide variety of welding supplies, welding equipment and welding machine. We supply plasma cutters, MIG, TIG, ARC welding machines and support consumables to the UK, Europe and North America. Help and advice is just a phone call away! We're here to help in all and any aspect of the welding industry. With combined experiences of over 70 years we're sure we can point you in the right direction. | More Details
Warrior Equipment produces reliable concrete grinders built from the ground up for contractors that refuse to cut corners or make compromises. Each of our machines was engineered with years of extensive input and from our customers in the trenches. We have used the world's first truly all gear driven designed combined with the finest parts sourced from around the world to maximize productivity and reliability so our customers can focus on what truly matters in their business. The Warrior Equipment Samson 2618 is a fully gear driven, four head, 26.18" concrete grinder with an available traction drive system to increase productivity and decrease injury. Ideal for concrete surface preparation and coating removal. The Warrior Equipment Leonidas 2692-TD is a fully gear driven, four head, 26.92" concrete grinder with a traction drive system to increase productivity and decrease injury. Ideal for concrete polishing concrete surface preparation and coating removal. The Warrior Equipment Crusader 2204 is a fully gear driven, two head, six tool concrete grinder with an available 10 year warranty. Ideal for concrete surface preparation, epoxy terrazzo and coating removal. Also can be used for concrete polishing. Warrior Equipment was founded because of a passion to help contractors grow incredible businesses by providing reliable, affordable grinders that look great. After nearly two decades of using machines and a decade of selling and repairing them, we know exactly what contractors need to remove fear and make money. We have experienced and listened to industry pain points, creating solutions to rid the pain, helping our customers make more money. We believe that our grinders can help contractors and also veterans with a portion of every grinder sale benefiting Wounded Warrior Family Support Foundation. | More Details
If you don’t mind a lower quality welder but want more diversity in your MIG welding, we recommend the LOTOS MIG175 175AMP Mig Welder. It has some handy features like the aluminum spool gun that’s included. Most MIG machines are capable of welding aluminum, but they won’t feed the soft aluminum wire without a specially designed spool gun. The spool gun that’s included feeds the wire smoothly, so it comes out without folding in the lead. The machine itself doesn’t include a long warranty, but it’s an affordable machine that is known to outlast the warranty long after it expires. The quality of the weld isn’t to the Miller standard, but it’s not too far behind and will produce some tidy beads on any kind of weldable metal. It produces mostly spatter-free welds too—as long as you run the welder to the correct settings. There is usually a small amount of spatter, but nothing compared to other poor-quality machines. The leads and welding gun aren’t the best we have seen. The connector is an unusual type that standard guns won’t fit, so it’s not straightforward replacing it. However, the machine isn’t designed for industrial work, so it shouldn’t need a high-quality aftermarket torch. If you’re a serious welder wanting a decent machine for doing work at home, the MIG175 is a machine we recommend considering. Particularly if you plan to MIG weld aluminum. | More Details
LEAR Electric has been an industry leader since 1984 in producing the safest electrical products such as wiring accessories, circuit breakers, Led light and so on for construction, commercial and household purpose. When aesthetics come together with state-of-the-art technology, you get a product as refined as LEAR. LEAR switches have been adorning walls in homes and offices for 35 years. Our endeavor is to always create products that adhere to the highest quality standards. New wiring accessory ranges of LEAR ELECTRIC offer limitless choice. No matter the look, feel, function or feature, LEAR wiring accessories are flexible enough to suit every requirement. The ranges have been created to be elegant, using a clean design and established materials to deliver a modern aesthetic appearance. The production here is a symbiosis between advanced technology, maximum functionality and aesthetic designing to match the taste of the discerning clients. High professionalism and product quality have made LEAR a distinguished company With Total 4 Factories, There Are In Sri Lanka, South Africa And 2 Located In China. Kushan Lear Factory Building Area Of More Than 500,000 Square Meters, Is The Main Export Products, Electrical Research And Development, Production, Testing Center In China. | More Details

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