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The ultimate ebook for more than software testing basics. How would you like to have all the software testing knowledge you need in one comprehensive book? Whether you want to level up in the software test management field, or gain useful knowledge of the sector as a whole, A Test Manager’s Guide is the resource for you. Created by industry experts, it will take you from the software testing basics right through to defect management, testing techniques and metrics. You will learn vital skills for accelerating your career in software test management, including test team dynamics, success factors, and executing test management strategies from start to finish. Taking you deep into this ever changing industry is software test management consultancy Cania Consulting, comprised of industry leaders who specialize in software testing audit, strategy, and management. They use the techniques and insights provided in this book on a daily basis with their clients and are sharing their insider tips as a key resource for readers in the test management industry. After passing the ISTQB Foundation Certification, this eBook was great source to better understand what to expect from the Test Managers working on my Software Projects. | More Details
Yakkyofy allows you to send multiple products purchased by an individual customer in the same order, only paying for one delivery. Yakkyofy will update your stock level in real-time, to make sure to ensure you're always informed when your product inventory is getting low. This way, you can check your inventory any time you want, comfortably from home, by visiting the Virtual Warehouse tab in your Yakkyofy’s Account. With Yakkyofy you can utilize a pre-paid eWallet that will allow you to automate the entire order fulfillment process, reducing order processing times and providing a single payment solution for your orders. Yakkyofy will upload a tracking number for every order you ship with us on your Yakkyofy dashboard, as soon as the order is fulfilled, and at the same time sends out an email to notify your final customer automatically. Plus thanks to the shipping status tab, you will always know in real-time where your packages are, and if they are delivered or not. With Special Line, you can choose to show only the last mile tracking to your customers. That is only the route of the shipment inside the country of destination. You can set mathematical rules to automatically calculate the prices displayed on your store and set your margins. You can connect all your Shopify and Woocommerce stores to a single Yakkyofy Account and manage all your orders from only one place. We guarantee that all physical characteristics, models, colors, and size of the products you order matches your expectations. | More Details
gamban® helps problem gamblers by blocking access to online gambling. More information available at Simple, affordable & lightweight. | More Details
No-code facilitates the ultimate partnership between business and IT, with both sides making the most of their unique skills and experience. The drag-and-drop functionality of no-code enables rapid prototyping, which in turn means products can be brought to market much faster than via traditional programming. Check out this webinar in which we pit a no-coder and a programmer against each other in a test of speed. No one understands business processes and customers better than business-side employees. Including this unique insight in the software development process is invaluable. It's called citizen development and no code makes it possible. | More Details
This plugin can be adapted to a wide range of business applications like: Rentals(cars, rooms, equipment etc.), Hotels, Gym, Beauty parlors, SPA, Car wash, Clinics. The list is endless. Pretty much anything that requires booking a period in time. Over 12 different solutions for booking an appointment. This adaptive capability to change to suit changing conditions is always handy when your business evolves. | More Details
Welcome. We had enough of lousy CAD models! Those fancy CAD models may look nice on a web page but download them and try to use them for CNC work and you will find 100’s or even 1000’s of flaws! | More Details
Games provided by Endorphina are remarkable for the stability of the system, circumspect logic of the client side and versatile API which allows several types of integration, a full report with statistics sent to the Client’s back office, etc. Choosing Endorphina means choosing a trustworthy provider of profitable online casino software. | More Details
Download Apk Obb Games And Apps For Android Mobiles, Smart Phones, Tablets And More Android Devices Without need To Pay. it's for free! is a website providing smartphones software downloads founded in 2019 by APKFive Team. Providing a safer, better and faster software download experience for our fans all over the world. We offer one of the most comprehensive collections of Apps, Games, and history version list. All download works guarantee 100% no extra extension needed. We believe all you guys deserve a better way to enjoy mobile life. APKFive team is always ready to help all users solve their problems about smartphones app installing, update and more. | More Details
Die Standardkonnektivitat des HP LaserJet Pro M149 umfasst Ethernet, eine Verbindung zu einem einzelnen PC uber USB und Wi-Fi Direct, um Ihre mobilen Gerate mit dem Drucker zu verbinden, ohne dass dieser oder sie mit einem Netzwerk oder Router verbunden sind. Neben Wi-Fi Direct sind weitere mobile Optionen Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, HP ePrint und HP Smart App. Smart App ist auch fur Ihren PC oder Mac verfugbar und, wie in der Abbildung unten gezeigt, ein Paradebeispiel dafur, wie ausgereifte Druckertreiber geworden sind. Sie konnen beispielsweise Dokumente (wie .doc-, .xdoc-, xls- oder PDF-Dateien) drucken, ohne sie in ihren nativen Programmen zu offnen. Im Vergleich zu einigen seiner Konkurrenten mangelt es dem M149 an Sicherheitsfeatures. Im Wesentlichen erhalten Sie den bereits erwahnten passwortgeschutzten eingebetteten Webserver, die Moglichkeit, Netzwerkports zu deaktivieren und zu aktivieren, und eine standardmassige SNMP-Uberwachung. Es fehlen neben anderen bemerkenswerten Sicherheitsmerkmalen die Moglichkeiten, Dokumente mit PINs zu schutzen und den Zugriff basierend auf Benutzerauthentifizierung zu sichern. | More Details

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