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Free Comment system for Wordpress

Title: Free Comment system for Wordpress
Description: The setup takes just a few clicks. How It Works? 1?? Fill our simple registration form to access the dashboard. 2?? Copy & Paste the widget code into your website. 3?? Engage with your community & moderate comments. 4?? Earn JOINT tokens based on your traffic & engagement. JOINT Token Rewards: JOINT is a tradable cryptocurrency which works on Ethereum blockchain. JOINT also the fuel of Joint Comments platform. - Acquire traffic from other publishers - Reward your team members & writers - Hold it to get future profit from Joint Comments They only saw a correlation between links-to-views. No correlations existed among comments-to-links and comments-to-views. This indicates that having lot of comments doesn’t bring any traffic or links to your posts. Neil Patel has done an analysis based on 560 blog posts to see whether the comments can actually improve search traffic. He has gathered the list of keywords that the blog posts rank for and categorized them into four categories based on the appearance of the keyword in the content – in the title, within the content, in the comments, or nowhere in the post. According to the Google search console data, 24.7 percent of the impressions were due to appearance of keywords in the comments. But the traffic received from those keywords were only 16 percent from the total visits. This analysis indicates that there is a possibility of getting some search traffic via comments as well, because it will help to rank for long-tail keywords. Although the comments could be considered user-generated content, the value given by Google may be low considering the fact that they appear at the bottom of a post. There’s no clear evidence backed by data that having comments on your site will help to increase traffic significantly. It will come down to your subjective opinion to decide whether to enable comments or move on without them.