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Paediatric Dentist London (Richmond)

Title: Paediatric Dentist London (Richmond)
Description: When your child comes to Toothbeary for the first time, we will do a full assessment. This involves examination of the lips, tongue, teeth, gums, soft and hard palate. This is carried out at the beginning of every appointment by either the dentist or dental hygienist/therapist. It allows us to assess the oral health of your child and identify any changes such as tooth decay, oral conditions, gum health, tooth loss/eruption, abscess or trauma. Additionally, we will take intraoral x-rays if needed. Fissure sealants are white, plastic coatings that are painted onto the biting surface of the back teeth. These biting surfaces are criss-crossed with tiny hills (pits) and valleys (fissures), which provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. To prevent cavities in these pits and fissures you can cover them with a special composite varnish called fissure sealant, which has been shown to achieve a six-fold reduction in caries development (compared to a tooth without fissure sealants). The application of these fissure sealants are easy to do and children as young as 3 years of age are able to be comfortable with the procedure. We feel so fortunate to have found Toothbeary and can't praise the team there highly enough. We were very daunted by the amount of treatment our son needed, and couldn't believe it would be possible to achieve it all in one session - root canals, crowns and fillings - but thanks to the excellence of the staff involved, it was done within one visit. It's testimony to the genius of the place that, despite sore gums, our little lad was keen to go back the very next day, just to see Toothbeary and say thank you! Both he and we as parents were treated sensitively and compassionately from start to finish, from the welcome of the reception team, the gentle care of the nurses (Michaela and Sabrina - sedation nurse - in particular), the patient kindness and clear explanations of Dr Esther, reassuring confidence of Dr Will, and the incredible work of Dr Nicole. I only wish visits to Toothbeary were compulsory for all dental students, and jaded dentists up and down the UK could book themselves in for a morning to be re-inspired!"