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Title: Mobile Games Guides
Description: Have you heard of Merge Dragons? Well, Merge Magic! is a puzzle adventure game created by the same developers, Gram Games. You as the player must heal magical land that is cursed by wicked witches by using the power of your creatures. You will take part in fun quests and challenges consisting of puzzles while growing your very own garden and creatures from the rewards you gain. The cool part is that all iems in game have mergable “chains” that allows a player to merge the item up until the last item in that chain is created. There are many unique creatures, treasures, items, and mysteries to unlock! This guide is here to assist you or multiple ways. We have challenge guides and tips and tricks for getting more wood, coins, creatures, and wonders faster than ever! Everything we know tat helps us in merge magic, we will show here. Merge Magic Challenge Guides check out our challenge guides below! We will update this list as soon with other challenges as soon as we can! Every so often, you will come across a challenge stage in the story mode. These challenges are timed, which make them harder to complete. Each challenge has a total of 3 wins to it. Each win will give you a better reward than the last. As you can see in the picture, challenge 16 will give you a Treant child as the second win and Final win is a Treant which has far more magic power. Keep in mind, the challenge time limit becomes very minimal on the final win, forcing you to try to complete it as fast as possible! The rewards are well worth it though! In addition, most of the challenges require the 1st win, in order to move on through the story mode.