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This website is owned and operated by TWS Direct Ltd, a company that has a wealth of experience behind it. The Head of Finances has over 50 years of knowledge from within the Welding Industry, our Technical Expert has been involved with running successful Welding Companies for 30 years and our Director of Operations has 18 years valued experience with online sales. Together with our team of Sales and Administration Staff, we can help with any enquiry you may have and are always here to help. In 2009 a new high technology R&D Centre was opened as part of the Company’s R&D strategy and one major development from this investment has been the introduction of Power Factor Correction and Flexible Voltage technology across a range of MMA. TIG and Plasma machines. Power Factor Correction (PFC) technology offers the user a host of benefits, not least in reducing power consumption. The requirement for less power also allows the user to weld at higher levels on a lower power supply - a real world advantage when you consider that the most prevalent power supply in the UK is just 13 Amps. Using GYS’s PFC equipped MMA machines will allow high duty cycle welding at 160amps (sufficient for 4mm rods) on a regular 13 Amp power supply, whereas normally one would expect to have to find a 16 Amp power supply. Normally a 160A machine without PFC, is capable of welding only 3.2mm electrodes at 125A using a 13 Amp fused plug. What is Power Factor Correction? | More Details
Never have to worry about splatter or spark damaging your property or causing fire again with the help of this woven welding blanket made from heavy-duty fiberglass material. The 19.8 oz per square yard of fiberglass material truly makes this resistant to the heat from the welding machine. You can rely on this for multiple uses because of its durable and reinforced material. The hems are resistant to fraying due to its unique 3/8 inch ID Hem. That also ensures that your welding blanket won’t shed off fibers that can catch fire. The brass grommets strategically placed every 11 inches of the border allows for easier set-up. With a maximum working temperature of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, this is truly a welding blanket you can rely on. Pros: It does its job well in preventing sparks and splatters from getting everywhere. Just make sure you don’t use it for heavier uses such as cutting using a plasma. It is lightweight. With a weight of only 3.5 pounds, you shouldn’t have issues bringing it with you anywhere you want. Some people also said it does not shed off fibers. That makes this easier to maintain and won’t be susceptible to fraying. This is a nice and inexpensive alternative to the more expensive welding blankets out there if you only do occasionally and light welding work. It has a substantial size that covers more work area. | More Details

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