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Dubai Adventures grow bigger every year, We accompany thousands of tourist and travelers across the world, and established as the best desert safari operator in Dubai. We have desert safari tour camps, Land cruiser vehicles, restaurants, hotels, night stay camp site in Al Avir red sand desert. That makes us best desert safari tour company. We make sure, you appreciate the memories life time in Arabian desert. | More Details
Dublin Airport Transfers provides private coach transfers to and from Dublin Airport and for tours all over Ireland. All buses and coaches are fully equipped with wifi, air conditioning, toilets and washroom facilities. We cater for holiday makers and business personnel, giving you a five star travel service all year round. | More Details

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Tourism in Sri Lanka has been growing ever since the end of the civil war in 2009. The island country is quite beautiful despite the fact that its economy is not among the best in the world. The beauty of the country can largely be attributed to the natural lifestyles that the people have adopted, which includes covering the hills with large tea gardens. However, for tourists who are willing to shed a few extra dollar bills from their pockets, there is an option to stay in high-end luxury hotels as well. This means that Sri Lanka has something to offer for all types of tourists, whether indoors or outdoors. From open tea plantations and high waterfalls to spas and pools, you will find everything in Sri Lanka . There are beautiful beaches as well, where you can indulge in the various water sports or simply relax and enjoy the cool sea breeze.You can even surf on the waves of the restless sea or relax and do a little yoga with the locals who are well-trained in the same. There are many yoga centers along the Sri Lankan beaches. | More Details
Dear guests! We are Roberto & Natalia – founders and owners of Visit Sardinia® VIP, official brand and international InBound Tour Operator & DMC in Sardinia and Italy from 2009. We are so glad to welcome you in our native land and share all the senses and mood of our island, the best way to explore the true Sardinia with locals and destination experts. Specializing in creating unique trips to one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, we provide luxury service to every client we have the pleasure to serve. We define our programs as “5 senses” because we want to give our guests all inspiration of amazing places they visit in the heart of Mediterranean. We create a special travel only for you. Each of our guests is a VIP! | More Details
Turkey offers a great variety of outdoor activities to the tourists. Especially Hot air Ballooning has become the most popular outdoor activity of Turkey for the last decade. In fact, hot air ballooning is the most pictured and shared activity of the world. Did you know that a sunrise hot air balloon flight exceeded the skyline of New York? Here is how. Basics of Hot Air Ballooning Hot air ballooning has never been a popular means of transportation. The hot air balloons were used for advertisement in big cities and for sightseeing tours in different parts of the world. It has started because of the same reason here in Cappadocia and today, thousands of tourists only come to Cappadocia region for this unique experience. Hot air balloon flights of Cappadocia are unique because of the shallow flights that can be conducted over the poetic landscape of Cappadocia region. The volcanic landscape of Cappadocia attracts millions of tourists every year and most of them take the balloon flights to appreciate this natural beauty from a totally different perspective. The hot air balloon basket is attached to a basket in which the passengers stand. Propane gas is used as a fuel and burners keep the air in the balloon hot for a smooth flight. Your pilot can control the elevation of the balloon and rotate it during the flight and they are experienced enough for a very safe landing. They fly early in the morning because of the balmy winds of Cappadocia region during the sunrise. You are becoming a part of the wind so not getting cold even in the middle of the winter during the flight. Right after taking off, Cappadocia slowly starts amazing you and you land after falling in love with this lunar landscape. | More Details
The origins of San Blas Mexico date back to the late seventeenth century, a time when the port was constructed as a shipyard and point of departure for the colonization expeditions of the Spanish Crown. This town was founded by Nuno Beltran de Guzman in 1530, although King Charles III of Spain did not recognize it as a deep sea port until 1768. This was the same year that Franciscan friars led by Friar Junipero Serra headed out of San Blas towards the Nuestra Senora de Loreto Mission on a quest to colonize the Californias. In San Blas Mexico, the first maritime customs house on the Pacific was established, and the town became the most important of the region during the Colonial period. Be sure to visit the historic buildings of the port to learn the history of San Blas first hand through the stories of its chroniclers, people, and architecture; silent witnesses to the events of the past. Your tour can begin in the Contaduria, a stronghold constructed in 1770 atop the San Basilio Hill, and where the accounting offices of the colonial hacienda were established. | More Details
Approved ETIAS applicants can travel in and between countries in the Schengen Area, for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. Qualifying travel purposes include tourism, short-term business reasons such as a conference or client meeting, short-term education such as an internship, and medical procedures. ETIAS approval is valid for 3 years with no travel limit, as long as the traveler has a passport not expiring for 90 days from the day of arrival abroad. However, your ETIAS expires when your passport does. ETIAS is an online system that runs a comprehensive security check on applicants to make border crossings easier and travel safer. Just one small error – even a misspelling – can delay approval or even cause denial of your entry into a participating ETIAS country You must apply for ETIAS in advance of your trip. The approval process can take up to four days, but most applications are approved immediately. ETIAS approval allows you to bypass time-consuming and potentially costly visits to embassies and consulates. ETIAS is not a visa. It is a visa waiver. If the purpose of your trip does not fall under the scope of ETIAS, you will need to apply for a traditional visa with each country on your itinerary. | More Details
Located in west Yunnan, Dali is 400 kilometers away from Kunming and it was once the capital of Nanzhao State, the political, cultural and economical center of Yunnan in ancient history. Dali boasts of one of the country's seven freshwater lakes-Erhai Lake and 19 mountain peaks and 18 streams. Major Tourist Attractions Three-Pagoda Temple: A Buddhist temple which is also known as Chongshengsi Temple and it is renowned for the majestic three pagodas which were built between 823 and 1108. Its main pagoda has 16-stories with close eaves and hollow inside and it stands 69.13 meters high, the other two octagonal flanking pagodas, one in the south and the other in the north, both of which are ten-story, each rising 42.19 meters high. The temple was the Buddhist center of Nanzhao State. Old Town of Dali: An old town which is located at 13 kilometer south of new town-Xiaguan of Dali, at the foot of Cangshan Mountains in the west and it overlooks Erhai Lake in the east. The town was built in 1382 A.D. as the capital of the Dali State. The original city wall was 8 meters high and 6 kilometers long with four gates and towers in the east, the west, the south and the north. Presently, only the southern and northern gates remain. The layout of the town resembles a chessboard. Inside the town, there are typical houses of the Bai ethnic minority, the brooks from the Cangshan Mountain flow through the streets and lanes then finally into Erhai Lake and there are many historical relics and places of interest. The famous "Foreigners' Street" boasts of many tea houses, antique shops, Chinese and Western restaurants. Erhai Lake & Cangshan Mountains: Erhai Lake is a highland freshwater lake which is 40 kilometers in length and 7 to 8 kilometers in width. With crystal clear waters and isles, a boat ride is worth your while; Cangshan Mountains is a mountain range which has 19 peaks extending 50 kilometers from the north to the south with 18 streams running into Erhai Lake. The mountains are known for the four spectacular views: "Clouds, Snow, Peaks and Streams". Chicken Foot Mountain: A mountain which is 90 kilometers away from the new town of Dali and it is one of the five famous Buddhist mountains in China with a complex of temples remain there. The three peaks in the front and the ridge at the back resemble a chicken foot, hence the name - "Chicken Foot Mountain". From the second floor of the Lengyan Tower on the top of the hills, Cangshan Mountains, the three pagodas and Erhai Lake can be seen standing face to face to the west and the snowy Yulong Mountain of Lijiang to the north is visible too. Other Attractions: "Tian Long Ba Bu" ("Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils") Film City, Butterfly Spring, Old Town of Shaxi, Shibaoshan Mountain, Weibaoshan Mountain etc. | More Details
High quality airport transfers firms in London? No bride wants to pull up to the wedding in your everyday car. It's a special day that deserves the elegance of a limousine. Your entire party will look and feel fabulous arriving in style. After the wedding, the newlyweds can relax and celebrate with a toast. Many newlyweds use the limo as part of their photoshoot. If a limo isn't your style, splurge on something special. A beautiful car or SUV for the bride and groom, or a party bus for everyone. Surprise your groom by renting his favorite car to deliver him to the ceremony. Another option is to hire a limo to have on standby to transport any guests who drink too much at the reception. What kid doesn't love a huge pile of Lego to play with? Take them on the ultimate brick adventure with themed rides, an around-the-world Lego experience featuring iconic buildings from around the globe (complete with marching guards at Buckingham Palace) and epic splash park for sunny days. If you're feeling brave enough, you can accept Lord Vampyre's invitation to the Haunted House Monster Party... Knockhatch is a farm, softplay, waterpark and small theme park rolled into one. Visit the owl sanctuary, take part in a hands-on little critters show or ride on the carousel when the weather is fine. Grab some lunch at the cafe before the kids burn off steam at not one but two indoor play centres, while the parents kick back with a coffee. Our company also offers the ??meeting and greeting' services if they are arranged during the booking. This is a service that we give mostly to the first-time visitors to this region to ease their movement. Our driver will be instructed to be at the arrivals with the name of the passengers or the company so as to pick them up. As a cheap taxi airport transfers service provider, we will ensure that your trip has ended up smoothly up to your final destination if you are visiting this region. | More Details
Searching for the best yacht sailing places in Europe? Scattered across the Mediterranean, the islands of Greece are ideal for exploring by boat. Set course for the Cyclades, where gems like Santorini and Mykonos are as alluring as ever. If you've only got one day to spend in Santorini, we recommend a trip to Akrotiri for a look at an ancient Greek settlement, and Santo Wines, for a taste of the region's finest vino overlooking the famous caldera. Mykonos is set to be equally popular this summer, with the beach clubs buzzing and the picturesque bays studded with shiny superyachts. Head to Nammos for beachside dining, luxury shopping and partying among celebrities. If you're looking to spend a day on shore, Cavo Tagoo is the place to be- caves carved into the chalky cliffs create a remarkably pretty setting. Sailing tip of the day: Every cruising yacht should carry one or two extra-long lines. Shock-absorbing, super-strong nylon is the favorite, but cost may dictate that you use whatever you can lay hands on. The lines may not see daylight for years until some unforeseen contingency turns up. But on that day, nothing else will do, as they can, for example, be bent to the end of an anchor cable that suddenly seems too short, or serve as a life-saver in a monster raftup. I once used mine on a simple dock under a mountain when a katabatic wind fell off a glacier at midnight and started to rip the pontoon off its moorings. I ran my super-long line ashore to a tree, brought the end back to the windlass and cranked it tight. The line saved my boat and the dock as well. Croatia is a travel destination that is definitely having a 'moment.' Hailed as everything from the 'new Greece' to the 'new Riviera', this part of Europe offers beautiful beaches and a traditional way of life. There are no fewer than 1185 islands along the crystalline Adriatic coast, and one of the best ways to explore them is by boat. Head off from the historic cities of Split and Dubrovnik and make sure you include the upmarket island of Hvar, timeless Vis island and the more remote islands of Kornati or Elafiti. Expect traditional fishing villages, beautiful sun-soaked beaches and a plethora of attractive hidden coves. Read more details on InterSailClub. | More Details
We are a local safari company specialized in Wildlife tours, we do tailor make Lepord safaris and elephant safaris, Bird watching tours and any other wildlife tours. Sri Lanka is a small country, yet teemed with wildlife. It has 26 national parks, The most famous ones are Yala National park, Wilpattu National Park, Udawalawe National Park and Minneriya National park. Holding Eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Sinharaja Forest biosphere reserve, designated by UNESCO. It covers only a small portion of the island, 88.64 km2 to be precise, but they're home to half of all endemic and native species in Sri Lanka, including elusive cats and slender loris. | More Details

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